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Yoga Birthday Parties. Friday Night Yoga Club. Girl Scout Yoga Sessions. Yoga Camps. Yoga for Athletes. Yoga for Schools. And more. For our studio classes, please visit our Schedule for Kids, Teen and Adult classes.

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Friday Night Kids Yoga Club

Friday Night Kids Yoga Club, one of our most popular events. This drop-off event for kids (ages 5-12) features a signature Butterfly Kids Yoga class, awesome & healthy dinner options (allergy friendly), great exercise, and most importantly calm and mindful moments. Plus, exclusive perks for parents with purchase. Contact us to learn more.

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Yoga for You. Yoga for Your Kids.

We call it "Yoga for You. Yoga for your Kids". Adult instructors teach in Studio 1 and Butterfly Kids Yoga teaches the kids in Studio 2. Refresh and renew with classes at the same time, but in separate rooms. Adult and Kids passes are sold separately. Come for yourself, come for your child, or both. Contact us to learn more.


Yoga Birthday Parties

Our yoga birthday parties are a fun and healthy way to celebrate your child's special day. All parties are private events, and include a signature active Butterfly Kids Yoga class, cool music, fun yoga games, a meaningful birthday craft and mindful moments. All geared to be age-appropriate and can be customized to your theme. Contact us to learn more.


Girl Scout Yoga Sessions

With a Butterfly Kids Yoga Girl Scout Yoga Session, your troop will enjoy an active yoga class set to great music, will work together with partners, play yoga-themed games, and re-center with calm, mindful moments. At the end of each yoga session, all attendees receive a yoga patch for completing a job well done! This is a great way to learn about yoga as an activity to promote health and well-being. Contact us to learn more.

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Yoga for Athletes

Bring yoga into your athletic program to enhance performance, reduce injuries and compliment your team's training. Through yoga, athletes will build strength, increase flexibility, and enhance mental focus to improve performance and prevent injuries. Classes for athletes may be organized as a private class or series of classes for your team. Contact us to learn more.

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School Programs

School programs are a great way to incorporate a healthy, active yoga program into a child's day. Yoga in school offers a new way for children to be active and mindful in a comfortable school setting. Classes may be set up as part of an Enrichment Program, Yoga Club, or customized to your school's schedule. Contact us to learn more.


Yoga Camp

Our summer Yoga Camps features active yoga, arts and crafts, yoga-themed games, journaling, teamwork & social skills, outside activities, and more. Geared for ages 5-8 and 8-12. Dates coming soon!

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