Kids Yoga for 3 - 12 year olds

Classes feature active yoga, energizing music, yoga games, teamwork and mindful moments. Tailored by age group. Amazing exercise that boosts strength, self-confidence and flexibility for all ages.

Kids Yoga. Active and Fun. Blended with Calm and Mindful. 

Ages 3 - 5

Age-appropriate yoga poses for preschoolers, fun music, yoga games and more. A great class to let out energy while calming, relaxing and recentering.

Ages 5 - 8

Active yoga, energizing music, yoga games, and teamwork. Boosts strength, self-confidence and flexibility. Balanced with calm and mindful moments.

Ages 8 - 12

Active yoga sequences, popular music, teamwork and partner challenges. Develops endurance, flexibility and strength. Equal emphasis on health, wellness and mindfulness.


Allison Picciano
Owner, Butterfly Kids Yoga, Certified Children's Yoga Instructor, Teen & Tween Yoga Instructor

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