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Kids and Teen Yoga



Certified Kids Yoga Instructor, Certified Teen Yoga Instructor, Yoga for Athletes Instructor, Owner Butterfly Kids Yoga LLC


Yoga is a unique activity to me — it’s exercise for the body and mind. There are so many benefits for kids, teens, and adults that make a big impact on and off the mat. I love that you can have fun with yoga while benefiting your body and mind with skills that are lifelong!

My fun fact

I went to the University of Vermont but am now a huge Notre Dame fan too!



Certified Kids Yoga Instructor


What draws me to teaching kids yoga is how amazing it feels to watch a child let down their walls and have genuine fun while being healthy. Yoga is like feeding vegetables to kids in a yummy smoothie; they’re getting all the things they need to grow strong in a fun and healthy way!

My fun fact

I absolutely despise black licorice!



Certified Kids Yoga Instructor


It is so intriguing to me to see the change that occurs within kids with yoga. In this day in age, it can be extremely hard to escape all the screens and stimulation, and calm down in a healthy way. Yoga is truly an amazing tool to help kids find different ways to find calm and let love in!

My fun fact

I don’t eat meat!

Beth Schoenfeld_Butterfly Kids Yoga.jpg


Certified Kids Yoga Instructor


I’m so excited to be on board with Butterfly Kids Yoga! As recent as five years ago, I found it very challenging to find yoga classes for my daughters to participate in. My girls have been taking classes with Miss Ali since the very beginning. In our very busy, always ‘on’ life, I love how kids yoga encourages self-awareness, strength, flexibility, breathing, mindfulness, focus, and calm in fun and engaging ways. It gives them a mindset and tools to use both on and off the mat!

My fun fact

I got certified and taught sign language to toddlers, infants and their parents when I was teaching my own children sign language.

Heather Acomb Butterfly Kids Yoga.jpg


MFA, RYT 200


Introducing yoga to young people in a dynamic and accessible way can offer so many benefits as they grow into themselves as individuals.  They learn about body awareness and finding both inner and outer strength, they learn how to disconnect from devices and connect with themselves and the natural world, and they gain the tools necessary to remain grounded and resilient through any life situation.  In my classes, students can explore the teachings of breath, asana and meditation while playfully enjoying being in the present moment and honoring their individual uniqueness.

My fun fact

I used to work on an organic farm in Hawaii!

Yoga for Athletes & Sports Teams

Heidi Rasmussen_ButterflyKidsYoga.jpeg


RYT 200, Yoga for Athletes Instructor, Certified Kids Yoga Instructor


Yoga has brought so much positivity into my life and I want to share this gift with others.  As a coach and yoga instructor, I truly feel that yoga is something that will help an athlete physically and mentally — both on and off the field. 

My fun fact

I have an obsession with Hallmark movies. Who doesn’t love a good love story that always ends with a happily ever after?!

Dennis_Yoga for Athletes_Butterfly Kids Yoga.jpg


RYT 200, Yoga for Athletes Instructor


I love yoga because it is a challenge mentally and physically each and every time I roll out the mat. This forces you to stay in the moment which is the only thing we have. The other thing I enjoy is how supportive everyone is; it is like everyone is on one large team trying to ensure that each person is a little better by the end of class than they were in the beginning.

My fun fact

I teach a forensics class at the High School and College level so I am a crime scene show junkie!

Adult Yoga Partnerships

Christy Lesher_Butterfly Kids Yoga.jpeg


RYT 200

Teaches: Alignment-based, Restorative and Gentle Yoga



RYT 200, Owner Perinton Yoga

Teaches: Alignment-based, Vinyasa Flow

Ellen_Baker_Butterfly Kids Yoga.jpg


RYT 200, Owner Root to Rise Yoga

Teaches: Gentle, Restorative and Vinyasa Flow

Michelle-Gipner_Butterfly Kids Yoga.jpg


MFA, E-RYT 200, YACEP, Owner Yoga with Michelle

Teaches: Vinyasa Flow



Certified Yoga Instructor, Owner Victor Yoga Studio

Teaches: Vinyasa Flow

Heather_Butterfly Kids Yoga.jpg


MFA, RYT 200

Teaches: Hatha Yoga (Anusara/Iyengar blend)

Gina_Butterfly Kids Yoga.jpg


RYT 200

Teaches: Open Vinyasa Flow

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