Welcome to Butterfly Kids Yoga! My name is Allison Picciano (Ali) and I'm glad you stopped by. As a mom of three active children, I look for engaging, fun, and enjoyable activities where my children can laugh and smile, burn some energy, and put simply – “just have fun and be a kid”. But, equally important, I also look for activities that reinforce healthy living and ones that give them a sense of confidence and accomplishment. I try to bring balance to my children’s lives through school activities, music, sports, friends, healthy choices and more. Yet, as I'm sure many of you can relate, finding this balance can be very challenging.


But, what if there was an activity that improves health & wellness, focus, mindfulness, and provides great exercise? What if there was an activity that could compliment children’s sports activities, help them focus better in school, and give them an outlet for fun?

If there was, I would sign up.

But, there is – it is yoga for kids and teens.

I founded Butterfly Kids YogaTM in 2016 with a goal of helping to create that balanced activity -- an activity where kids (from preschoolers, to school-aged, to teens) can exercise, have fun, and also experience creativity, imagination, and mindfulness. An activity that compliments sports, helps in school, and that gives an outlet while also demonstrating the importance of healthy living.

I believe that yoga should be active, energizing, and rewarding for kids. For the younger kids, lots of laughs and fun learning techniques are at the core of all classes. For the older kids, giving them a sense of accomplishment and allowing them to shine is so important. All of this is balanced with calm, mindful moments -- and my goal is for each child to walk away from their class stronger and having found a sense of calm. As a certified childrens and teen yoga instructor, I am here to create an environment where everyone can find their own balance.

I am excited to give children and teens the tools to breathe, smile, and fly with Butterfly Kids Yoga. I hope to see you soon!


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