Press release: Interview with Macaroni Kid!

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to Macaroni Kid for the awesome write-up about Butterfly Kids Yoga this week! The editors of both Rochester editions of Macaroni Kid (a national publication & amazing resource for parents), were curious to know more about kids yoga and why it is growing so quickly in large cities around the country -- including here in Rochester. Enjoy the read!

"This week we are featuring an awesome mom-trepreneur, Allison, founder and owner of Butterfly Kids Yoga. Check out our interview with Allison and find out how yoga can benefit kids and what exactly a kids yoga class looks like... it's not your traditional yoga class, trust me!" - Sarah DeMulder, Editor and Publisher Macaroni Kid Pittsford-SE Rochester

Butterfly Kids Yoga: A New Kids Yoga Company That Is Taking Flight
Jun 15, 2017

There is a new kid’s activity in town that is creating quite the buzz. It’s kid’s yoga. Have we got your attention? Yes, kids...practicing yoga. We were curious to learn more so we sat down with Allison Picciano, owner of Butterfly Kids Yoga, to understand exactly WHAT kid’s yoga entails and WHY our kids should be involved in it.

Macaroni Kid: Yoga for kids is growing so quickly -- we’ve seen it in large cities like Austin, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and now Rochester. Why is it becoming so popular?

Allison Picciano: Kid’s yoga is honestly the perfect blend of being active and understanding what it means to be mindful and calm. And there are so many benefits to kids -- stress reduction, physical strength, burning energy, and understanding how to truly relax -- if kids can learn these skills at an early age, they are able to utilize them forever. It’s pretty amazing.

MK: I think many parents would agree that these things are really important. So how did you become involved with kid’s yoga and how did Butterfly Kids Yoga come about?

AP: It all started as an idea that turned into a plan, and a plan that turned into reality. As a mom of three young and active children, I am always on the lookout for fun and different activities, where my kids can laugh and smile, burn some energy, and just have fun being kids. I also look for activities that reinforce healthy living and that allow my children to be creative – to use their imaginations. Finding this combination can be difficult, and even more challenging is finding active, healthy, and fun activities that also bring them peacefulness and a sense of calm.  

I founded Butterfly Kids Yoga with a goal of helping to create a balanced activity -- an activity where children can exercise and have fun, but also experience creativity, imagination, and mindfulness. An activity that compliments kids sporting activities, helps them in school, and gives them an outlet to have fun.

MK: I love how you turned a vision into reality. But I have to ask, do kids just meditate and sit on a mat in your classes?

AP: I get asked that a lot! I’m not sure about all yoga classes for kids, but this is definitely not how Butterfly Kids Yoga classes are! Even though kid’s yoga and adult yoga are built on the same foundation, kid’s yoga can be very different from adult yoga (especially depending on the type of adult class that is being taught).  I put a lot of thought into each class -- from preschoolers to pre-teen -- and we are SUPER active. We are moving for more than half of class. Great music, fun activities, teamwork, and lots of imagination as we learn poses and have fun with it! And then we practice being calm, relaxed and focused. My goal is to create that perfect blend of “yoga exercise” and “yoga calm”. And the kids LOVE it -- we get silly, we challenge ourselves, and kids feel just plain good walking out.

MK: What ages do you teach?

AP: I am a certified children’s yoga teacher for ages 3-12. Studio classes are typically grouped by 3-5 yr olds, 5-8 yr olds, and 8-12 yr olds. For the younger kiddos, we are silly, imaginative, and get those wiggles out with really fun yoga songs and activities. But they also learn how to “yoga breathe” to calm down and relax on their mat to just “be”. And the older kiddos love good music (popular favorites on the radio) and I build class around more challenging activities, teamwork, calming techniques and mindfulness. They love a personal challenge!

MK: Where are Butterfly Kids Yoga classes?

AP: I teach in Fairport, Victor, Rochester and I am expanding! It’s been amazing to see how supportive our community has been and how it keeps growing organically. I teach weekday and weekend studio classes, host yoga-themed birthday parties, and Girl Scout sessions. Enrichment yoga classes in schools are also becoming very sought after. There are a lot of special events too, which are really fun and different for kids. We have 3 Friday Night Yoga Club events this summer, Adult & Kids Yoga events so parents can take a class for themselves while kids take a separate class, and Back to School Yoga Camp in late August. I love being creative with it!

MK: What is one piece of advice you can give to parents who are thinking about trying kid’s yoga?

AP: I’d say to think about it in terms of giving a gift to your kids. You are exposing them to something that will benefit them now and in the long run. Whether they are in dance, gymnastics, sports, extracurricular academics or none of the above -- all kids can benefit from yoga. They are learning really important skills in a super fun, non-competitive environment. It’s a perfect blend. As I tell parents, their smiles after class will say it all!

Check out the original article here.  Thank you again, Macaroni Kid (Pittsford-SE Rochester & Greece-NW Rochester)! This "mom-trepreneur" is in good company with my fellow "mom-trepreneurs" from Macaroni Kid :)


PS. Looking for Butterfly Kids Yoga's summer schedule? From drop-in studio classes, to Friday Night Kids Yoga Club (with parent perks), to Adult & Kids Yoga (get a class in for YOU too) and Back to School Yoga Camp in late August -- each section features more details and info!

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