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Adult & Kids Yoga: Summer Tuesdays (with Jeannette Maloy)

  • Butterfly Kids Yoga @ East Side Wellness Center 625 Ayrault Road Fairport, NY, 14450 United States (map)

We call it "Yoga for You. Yoga for your Kids". Adult instructors teach in Studio 1 and Butterfly Kids Yoga teaches a "Nighttime Yoga Class" in Studio 2. Adult and Kids passes are sold separately.  Come for yourself, come for your child, or both! 

Adult Yoga: Jeannette Maloy, Owner - JoY Yoga, RYT200

Not only is Jeannette Maloy a well-loved teacher in the Fairport School District, but her clear passion for yoga and joyful nature just MAKES you want to attend one of her classes! It seems like truly the perfect fit that she is the owner of JoY Yoga, and strives to bring joy, health and wellness to each of her clients. Jeannette is spot on when she says, "Yoga is more than just poses" and I couldn't agree more. I am so happy she will be joining us in August for our Summer Tuesdays -- what better way to round out our summer series than with an amazing instructor with such a great philosophy? Don't miss her class!

Butterfly Kids Yoga: Nighttime Yoga

Join Butterfly Kids Yoga for a special nighttime yoga class in our Summer Tuesday series! Butterfly Kids Yoga's nighttime yoga is the perfect opportunity for kids to calm down and relax after a busy day. Geared for ages 5 - 12, we'll get the last of our pent-up energy out, and then we will round out class with relaxing nighttime yoga activities. PJs and a special snuggle buddy are always welcome!

Yoga for You. Yoga for your Kids. Interested in checking out more classes in this series? Click here for all dates

See you and your kiddos on the mat!
~ Ali

PS. If you don't already know and love Jeannette Maloy, here is a bit more about her, in her own words:

Jeannette Maloy specializes her yoga classes with the uses of asanas (poses) and flowing, movements to focus the mind, soul, and body to bring her clients overall wellness. She believes that yoga brings joy to the lives of those who practice it and also to the lives of those they touch.

As Jeannette says, "Regardless of your yoga experience, you'll be welcomed as an immediate member of my yoga community and no doubt feel improved levels of confidence, body awareness, mental stability and overall health. My goal for my clients is to offer them greater awareness, harmony, relaxation, peace and physical capability at the end of each class."

Jeannette currently teaches in the Fairport area. To learn more about Jeannette, please visit her website -