Butterfly Kids Yoga. Breathe. Smile. Fly.

Today I flew. Today I had the privilege to teach yoga to 48 kids as part of a school session. Today was awesome. I hope I made a positive impact on those kids today. I hope I showed them that children's yoga can be fun, energizing, and at times even silly. I hope I showed them how to breathe and relax, how to smile and laugh, and how to fly and be stronger. I hope I did all those things, and maybe for just a couple minutes I gave them the opportunity to "just have fun and be lost in just being a kid."

I wanted to share this with you tonight because a day like today is why I decided to become certified and trained in children's yoga and why I decided to form Butterfly Kids Yoga.

I am truly loving Butterfly Kids Yoga and I love being able to introduce kids yoga to families in our community. And, I can't wait to see where it goes (Breathe. Smile. Fly., right?)

Thank you to all of the families that have supported me so far! I am truly fortunate to have such great clients and look forward to meeting many more new families.

Cheers to many more days like today. Breathe. Smile. Fly!


PS. Check out the About Us section to read the full story about how Butterfly Kids Yoga was born.