One day. 3 classes. 2 locations. Lots of yoga fun.

What does kids yoga + Justin Timberlake + the "Yoga Slide" + friends holding hands during "Secret Garden" relaxation all have in common? If you guessed these were all part of my day yesterday, you are right.  I taught 3 classes (5-8 yr olds, 8-12 yr olds and Family Yoga). I connected with new families and welcomed familiar faces. And the kids were awesome. We had the music cranked up for some parts (Justin Timberlake and yoga go REALLY well together), we giggled as we played "Toe-ga" (yoga for your toes!) and I almost melted as I saw two friends bond by holding hands in a mindful moment. A healthy, wholesome, fun activity with lots of happy kiddos? That equals a great day in Butterfly Kids Yoga world!

Check out what's coming up this week. I hope to make even more new connections and keep spreading the love!

And looking ahead to Saturday, 1/21, reserve your spot with (the amazing) Michelle Gipner for an open-level adult yoga class (while your kiddos join me in our neighboring studio)!

See you soon on the mat, friends!


Photo cred: Allyson Roote (thank you!)