A simple flexibility test for your kids (and you)...

Remember those fitness tests in school? How many of you can still touch your toes? How about your kids? Is it important? Yes, it is!  In fact, studies have shown that not being able to touch your toes is a leading indicator in fitness related injuries. Yikes!

Kids (and all of us) are super busy these days -- from sports, school, homework, music, and so on, but how often do we have our kids simply stop, fold forward, and touch their toes?  A very "basic" measure of flexibility, right? (And that is in quotes for many reasons, as it's not so simple.)

That is one of the reasons that I love yoga and that I love being a children's yoga instructor.

We stop.

We move.

We breathe.

We smile.

We work on flexibility.

We learn and practice Tree Pose, Downward Dog, Rag Doll, Butterfly, Dolphin, Child's Pose, Warrior I, II and III and more!

We put poses together in fun sequences that help coordination, flexibility, and strength. And can we all touch our toes? Most of us can!

So, come out and have your kids join me on the mat! We'll get them moving, stretching, and touching their toes in no time! And, I hope to see you in an adult yoga class soon (maybe even at our next Adult yoga + Kids yoga special event, coming up on March 11th).

Cheers to touching those toes, my friends.


P.S. Fun fact...my husband can now touch his toes. If he can do it, so you can you!