Is that a very burrito?!

There is something about a yoga mat for kids. Somehow this brightly colored, cushion-y piece of material has the ability to serve MANY purposes in a kids yoga class. Kids just love, love, love their mats! And so I thought I'd give you a little peek into all the ways kiddos in Butterfly Kids Yoga classes use me, you'll have a new appreciation for that old mat after this!

Yoga mats ground us.
We start off every class in Butterfly Pose and our mat immediately becomes our "space". Miraculously, yoga mats have a magical power of defining their area and getting kids to stay in their own space. They own that space for 45 minutes of class and it works like a charm!

Yoga mats allow us to bend like Gumby.
Not really, but they DO give us a nice cushion as we practice poses like Bow Pose (pictured here). And when we really get going (and for extra giggles), we "rock and roll!" on our bellies! Imagine doing THAT on a hard floor? Thank you, yoga mat.

Yoga mats keep us safe.
It goes without saying that every single Butterfly Kids Yoga class is super active. We MOVE. And while our mats define our "space", they also keep us safe as we are jumping, posing, marching and flowing our way through class. Safety first!

Yoga mats give us peace.
When the active part of class winds down, we move into our "Secret Gardens"....a peaceful, imaginative journey that allows each child a chance to just be. To relax, to re-center, and to find calm. Considering how go-go-go our kids are nowadays, this is honestly a pretty amazing thing to see. And our mats allow us to go there....

Yoga mats allow us to totally relax.
True story. In almost every class during Secret Garden relaxation time, I see yoga-burritos, yoga-sushi rolls, yoga-tootsie name it. Children (of all ages) LOVE to roll, twist or fold themselves up in their mats. And they don't even do it to be silly -- they are (most of the time!) quiet as can be. Deep relaxation. Deeply relaxed yoga burritos...

So there you have it! Who knew yoga mats could be so versatile, right?

Check out the full schedule of classes and I hope to see your kiddos in class soon! On a yoga mat, or maybe as a yoga-sushi roll, of course.

Until next time, friends!
~ Ali

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