Penfield school brings yoga to all students...outside!

Last Friday, Butterfly Kids Yoga visited Penfield’s Indian Landing Elementary to bring yoga to all Kindergarten - 5th graders as part of their school’s Fun Days! Over 500 students. All outside, enjoying nature, and having a ton of fun with 12 different activities — including yoga!

What a cool way to bring a great wellness activity into a school-wide event. We made big circles with each group and tailored yoga by age. Together, we learned…

Helpful breathing tips to find calm and recenter.

How to get moving and active with yoga poses and group work.

Great balance and focus activities.

From the little Kindergartners to the older 5th graders, each group walked away knowing a little bit more than when they walked in to our station. Amazing energy, tons of fun, and a GREAT way to celebrate health and wellness at school.

Butterfly Kids Yoga at School.jpeg

Awesome memories were made and so grateful for the opportunity to bring yoga to so many kids in our community. Cheers to that!


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