Yoga and Spa Night + Classes This Week (and a thank you note to share)

I had a moment last week — it definitely made me pause. I taught a class over the summer to a large summer program. A mix of boys and girls, all school aged. We had a great class, got moving, and then ended with a quiet moment to “just be”. Just relax. Just experience a moment of quietness.

Our class ended, and we all went on our way.

And then last week I got a big envelope in the mail stuffed full of thank you cards from this class. All of the cards were super sweet but there was one….

To read this puts it all in perspective.


I was so touched.. And I’m so glad that our one yoga class together resulted in such a powerful moment.

Our goal at Butterfly Kids Yoga is be an outlet for energy. Build that confidence. Provide those mindful moments. And allow kids to just be. So simple, yet so needed for kids!

I hope you have a great week ahead, everyone. Check out this week’s schedule below — see you soon!


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TUESDAY, 9/17: Kids yoga w/ Ali (ages 5-12). Adult-level Vinyasa Flow w/ Michelle in the room next door. Come for kids, adult, or both. Sign up.


THURSDAY 9/19-10/24. A new session begins at Victor Rec (ages 3-5). Sign up.


THURSDAY, 9/19: A refreshing Tween Yoga class + pampering ourselves by making Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrubs! Sign up.


FRIDAY 9/20-10/25. A new session begins at Perinton Rec (ages 3-5). Sign up.


SUNDAY, 9/22: Proper stretching, strengthening and focus work (ages 8-13). Sign up.


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- Mondays, 10-10:45am. Brighton Rec. Begins 9/23. Sign up.
- Mondays, 1-1:45pm. Perinton Rec. Begins 9/23. Sign up.
- Tuesdays, 10-10:45am. Perinton Rec. Begins 9/24. Sign up.
- Thursdays, 10-10:45am. Victor Rec. Begins 9/19. Sign up.
- Fridays, 10-10-45am. Perintion Rec. Begins 9/20. Sign up.


FRIDAY, 9/27: Yoga, dinner, disco ball, mindful craft and relaxation. Geared for ages 5-12. Sign up.

(Opening in just a few weeks!)


YOGA 170 is a yoga studio based in the picturesque village of Fairport, NY. It offers a wide variety of adult yoga classes and is also home to Butterfly Kids Yoga studio classes and events.

With an emphasis on authentic, grassroots style classes and a welcoming atmosphere, Yoga 170 makes yoga accessible for all. Beginners, intermediate or advanced. Adults, kids, teens or athletes.

This is yoga for everyone.

A welcoming yoga community. Amazing views. A tranquil atmosphere. For your mind, body & soul.