That "moment" in the first Butterfly Kids Yoga studio class

When they told me during my yoga certification that I would have that "moment" during class, I believed it, but today...I FELT it.

Today was the very first Butterfly Kids Yoga studio class. The kids and I were equally excited as we rolled out our mats and began class. Little eyes, wide with wonder, ready to learn and have fun. Through the class, we moved, stretched and learned new poses (we moved a is soooo healthy for us!), we practiced our deep breathing (thank you Hoberman Sphere for helping us learn about deep, deep breaths through our nose!), and we were peaceful in our Secret Gardens (savasana, where their imaginations took over in a moment of quiet). And then, when class was coming to a close and quiet smiles graced each little face...I felt it.

Maybe it was when the kiddos were passing around the Talking Stick and softly telling the class what makes them happy, or maybe it was at the very end when we all came in close for a song about the love & light within you...or maybe it was all of it. I knew in that moment that these kiddos were the little lights that would go out into their day a little different than they came in. And all the credit goes to them -- they came in full of curiosity (maybe some hesitation) and wonder, and they left with big smiles. 

I was humbled today, and I know that I will feel that moment again and again. But more importantly, I now have seen how the kiddos in class are so positively impacted by this ancient practice called yoga. And I hope to continue to spread this through our community because it is pretty darn amazing.

Namaste friends,


"Yoga creates children who are bright light in this world, increasing their self-awareness and strengthening their bodies." ~ Shakta Khalsa