Studio classes start Tuesday, 11/29

Only one week to go until studio classes start! 

Let your kiddos burn off some of that built-up Thanksgiving energy and focus on peace and gratefulness. Here is a sneak peek of what's in store for studio classes next week!  

We'll be moving! We'll be movin' and shakin' to "Every Little Cell in my Body is Healthy" to get those wiggles out and feel how GOOD it is for our bodies to exercise and be healthy. And, we'll be "Jogging Through the Jungle" on our mats to learn new poses (lions, turtles, butterflies, cobras, oh my!). 

We'll be breathing! We'll take advantage of quiet moments on our mats and will use the Hoberman Sphere to practice our breathing. The simple act of teaching children how to stop, focus, and just breathe is amazing.

We'll be mindful! We'll learn "Peace Begins with Me" which is a simple, innocent, and wonderful message for everyone to share this holiday season.

...and I'm SO tempted to tell you more! But, I'll let your little yogis show (and tell) you all they learn in their Butterfly Kids Yoga classes...they'll be so excited to show you.

 Signing up online is quick, easy, and can be done from your phone. Check out next week's class schedule and don't be shy to give a shout if you have any questions.

  • Tuesday, 11/29: 10-10:45am (ages 3-5)
  • Friday, 12/2: 10-10:45am (ages 3-5)
  • Friday, 12/2: 1-1:45pm (ages 3-5)

All classes this week are at East Side Wellness Center in Fairport. 

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. I'm so grateful to begin this journey with all of YOU and your children.


Ali   I  I    585-598-6059