The magic of the Talking Stick?

There is something about purely innocent, straight-from-the-heart moments from kids that makes you stop in your tracks. The Talking Stick. This is the magical piece of each of my classes that pulls out those moments. I first learned of the Talking Stick in my Kidding Around Yoga certification, and I was very much looking forward to seeing it work in my classes. Well, let me tell you...if there was ever a "magical" part of each class, it is when I present the Talking Stick.

It is towards the end of each class where I pull the kids in close, explain the Talking Stick and how it's used, and watch the kids' eyes (literally) grow big and wide and they hang on every word. 

In today's class, I had 8 kiddos and we moved, we learned new yoga poses, we created Downward Dog tunnels, and we laid peacefully in "Secret Garden". Then...the Talking Stick came out. I explained that MANY MANY years ago (before TVs, computers, cars!) people used to sit around in a circle and simply talk. People would share things they are happy about, grateful for, or things that make them excited. But the only rule of the Talking Stick is that only the person holding it can speak. Everyone else in the circle must listen closely, and everyone will have a turn. Today, on their turn, I asked the kids to share something that makes them feel peaceful. And wow. Talk about those moments that you want to just bottle up...

"I feel peaceful when I look at the moon."

"I feel peaceful when I come out of my room and my mom is there."

"I feel peaceful when Santa comes to my house." (Totally unfiltered, right?)

And even my quietest yogi (in a teeny, tiny voice), "I feel peaceful when I am with my family."

The younger kids, the older kids...they all can't wait to share. Some are bold, strong responses, some are shy and quiet. But everyone listens and everyone has their Talking Stick moment. It's wholesome, it's special, and it's really, really innocent. Especially in today's world full of so much negativity, anger, and bad news...there needs to be more of this. Happiness, innocence, and just plain GOOD. 

I hope this brings as much of a smile to your face as it did to mine. And as for my Talking Stick (yes, handmade, in case you are wondering) truly is magical in my opinion.

Namaste, my friends.