Spotlight on Tween and Pre-tween Classes

Weekend yoga classes for 5-8 and 8-12 yr olds begin this Saturday, 12/17! Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, tweens and pre-tweens can enjoy a healthy, active yoga class to start their weekend off right. At this age, yoga is an amazing way to build confidence, strength, and counteract stress. 

Spotlight on 5-8 yr old classes

Classes for this age will include active yoga poses, fun music, yoga themed games and mindfulness in a warm inviting studio. This is a great class to introduce yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle while having fun doing so. 

Spotlight on 8-12 yr old classes

Classes for this age blend more challenging yoga poses with inspiring music, introduction of yoga sequences (poses that flow together) and mindful moments to provide a sense of calm in their busy day. This is a great class to build self-confidence, strength, and flexibility, while learning mindfulness techniques that can be used in school, sports or socially.

After class, all are welcome to enjoy complimentary fresh fruit to recharge before continuing on with their day. 

Enrolling online can be done from your phone (or computer). Buy a pass, find your class, enroll and done! Easy for you, and a great way for your children to enjoy their first Butterfly Kids Yoga class.