Strike a holiday pose! (This Friday @ 10am in Fairport)

Children's yoga is the gift that keeps on giving! Join me on the mat this Friday at 10am for a special holiday-themed class! There sure is a LOT of excitement in the air, and we'll be putting all of that energy to good use in the studio. Then, have your little yogi teach the whole family what they learn at home! I promise, family gatherings will be all smiles with the cuteness. Here's a peek of what's in store for Friday's holiday class...

Strike a holiday pose! We will transform our bodies and pose as: Candy Canes (mmm!), a Tree (maybe Miss Ali will even hang "ornaments" on my little trees!), a Snowflake (bright and sparkly of course), a Snowball (we'll be toasty warm though), and more! 

Reindeer dancing and posing! We'll be tapping into our inner reindeer dance moves and "flying" around the room...but only until the music stops! Then we'll pose as sleeping reindeer, hungry reindeer or jumping reindeer.

A Polar-Express yoga story! I will tell this classic tale in a yoga-inspired way; we will take a trip on our mats and practice poses throughout our journey. (Use your breath and choo-chooooo as the Polar Express leaves the station! Raise your hand in chair pose if you want pretend hot chocolate! Stand tall in tree pose as our train zooms past trees to the North Pole! Fold forward like a bell...the first gift of Christmas from Santa!)

Sign up online and join in on the fun!

This time of year for children is so magical -- feel free to send your kiddos with any of their favorite holiday gear if they'd like. I just might be in yoga pants and a Santa hat myself :)

Namaste everyone!