Keep calm (with kids yoga!) during school break

CABIN FEVER, anyone? Butterfly Kids Yoga classes are a great opportunity for your kiddos to burn some energy, re-center themselves, and have fun with friends (make it a yoga "playdate"!). Check out the class schedule for remainder of the week!

Studio schedule in Fairport: 

  • Friday, 12/30:  10-10:45 am (3 to 5 yr olds)
  • Friday, 12/30: 11-11:45 am (5 to 8 yr olds). Special one-time class for school break!
  • Saturday: 12/31: 11-11:45 am (5 to 8 yr olds)
  • Saturday: 12/31: 12:30-1:15 pm (8 to 12 yr olds)

Signing up for a class can be done right from your phone (or computer). Select your pass, find your class, and enroll. Done! And don't forget, pass packages can be shared among your children.

Keep calm, my friends!