This week's studio schedule (and a sweet comment to share)

"Have a great day and remember to fly!" is how I like to end my classes. Lots of peaceful, smiley kiddos left the studio last week, which is my hope after every class. But one little yogi made ME smile even bigger when I heard her tell her mom, "Mommy, that was fun and I feel good!" (followed by a quick downward dog to show off her new skills). So innocent and sweet, I just had to share. She made ME smile even bigger after hearing her excitement about her first class.

This week, we are looking to warm up our bodies in the studio with the following classes (weather is turning colder, brrrr, but we'll be warm inside and out). Here's what's in store this week at the studio:

  • Tuesday, 12/6: 10 - 10:45am (3 to 5 yr olds)
  • Friday, 12/9: 10 - 10:45am (5 to 8 yr olds) *
  • Friday, 12/9: 1 - 1:45pm (3 to 5 yr olds)

* Special day / time for 5-8 yr olds due to Fairport conference day off. Join us for a great class!

Don't forget, signing up for a class can be done right from your phone (or computer). Find your class, purchase a pass, and enroll. Done! 

Let's all breathe, smile and fly our way through the week...just like my little friend from class. 

See you on the mat!