Special event alert! Let's make a difference.

Kids making a difference for kids. Maybe you've seen it on the playground, in school, on a sports team, or maybe just siblings helping each other. But, every time it happens - it's an instant smile for those helping, for those helped, and for all of us watching.

And now, the kids of Butterfly Kids Yoga have a very special opportunity to make a difference. 

Please join us on Sunday, November 12 for a Butterfly Kids Yoga special event called "Making a Difference", all geared towards kids making a difference for other kids. I am excited to be hosting this special yoga event to benefit the children of GiGi's Playhouse, an amazing local organization dedicated to inspiring, supporting and making a difference for families and children touched by Down Syndrome. This uplifting organization celebrates children, and encourages health, confidence, joy, and continuous improvement. GiGi's Playhouse empowers children and adults to achieve their “Best of All” and to pursue their dreams.

This special yoga event includes:

1. A signature Butterfly Kids Yoga class followed by two activities. 
2. The first activity will be focused on making a meaningful gift for the kids of GiGi's Playhouse. 
3. The second activity will be focused on making a special Thanksgiving memento for the kids to take home for themselves.

My goal is to combine a fun, active yoga class with a focus on giving back and making a difference. I hope that you consider taking part in this special event and I believe the kids will truly enjoy it.

Please see below for further details:



  • DATE: Sunday, November 12
  • TIME: 10:00am (drop off) - 12:00pm (pick up)
  • LOCATION: Butterfly Kids Yoga @ White Brook Nature Area in Fairport. Beautiful, sun-filled building for our special event. Map it here.
  • ACTIVITIES: Active yoga class, cool music, partner & teamwork, and fun yoga challenges. All balanced with calm, meaningful moments. After yoga class, we will make Calming Jars for the children of GiGi's Playhouse + a meaningful Thanksgiving memento for each child to bring home. Geared for ages 5-12. 
  • CALMING JAR DETAILS: The purpose of the calming jars is to provide a way for children to calm themselves, to re-focus, to find beauty in them, and provide a mindful, peaceful way to relax. They are beautiful Butterfly Kids Yoga mason jars that are filled with sparkles, sequins, stars and water. Our jars will simply be a donation, with the hope that children and families at Gigi's Playhouse can use them whenever they need. I will be hand-delivering our jars to GiGi's Playhouse before Thanksgiving.
  • PRICE: $20 for 1 event pass (cost includes class and all project supplies). Enroll here.
  • SIGN UP DETAILS: 1 Event Pass, 2 Event Passes* and 3 Event Passes* are available. (Best value is to purchase a 2x or 3x Event Pass if you have multiple children attending from same household.)

Let's make a difference! We'd love to have you join us.

Here's to our kids making a difference and supporting a wonderful local organization.


PS. Don't forget to check out all regular classes for this week here: This week's Butterfly Kids Yoga schedule


Friday Night Yoga Club was super fun on Friday night! Everyone worked up an appetite during active yoga, "spooky" tree pose bowling, block work challenges, and glow-yoga! Thank you to all of our partners who provided the healthy, fresh and YUMMY food to re-fuel.

All hands in for a "Yoga Club Rocks!" cheer to end our night.

All hands in for a "Yoga Club Rocks!" cheer to end our night.

We also worked hard on creating beautiful Kindness Rocks, which the kids will be placing out on Halloween as they are out trick or treating. Be on the lookout! YOU could find a Butterfly Kids Yoga kindness rock around town...