"Was that for real?" (Plus this week's schedule)

They say there is always a first for everything, right? I'm still laughing about what happened in one of my classes this past week...so I had to share. I'll set the scene...

It was good sized class of 13 kiddos. We had burned a LOT of energy during this class playing Freeze Dance Yoga Pose, scooting through Downward Dog tunnels, and shaking it all out with the Yoga Shake. The lights were dimmed and the kids were laying on their mats, eyes closed, with one hand on their heart, one hand on their tummy. They were all quiet as could be, the room was warm and toasty, calm music was playing...you can picture it right? Magical. We were in our "Secret Garden" (the quiet, relaxing, mindful part of class).

When all of a sudden... SNORE!

Umm. I open one eye and peek. Was it real? Maybe it snuck out. Maybe it was fake. Should I say something? But, it only happened once and it sounded LEGIT.  Not one of those super loud "I'm doing it to be funny" snores, but rather a real, honest-to-goodness snore. Wow. Talk about deep relaxation! Aaaaaand then, when one snore happens, the room erupts into 12 more "snoring" yogis and we all end up laughing and snoring our way out of Secret Garden. I have to say...it was really, really funny. And no one 'fessed up! So my money is on the fact that someone was REALLY relaxed and actually fell asleep for a minute :)

So! May the week ahead provide more opportunities for fun classes (and maybe more snores?).

Check out this week's schedule:

Tuesday, 3/21
- Studio class for 3 to 5 yr olds (Fairport) @ 10:00-10:45am. Sign up here.

Thursday, 3/23
- Enrichment class at Risen Christ Preschool (Fairport) @ 12:00-1:00pm. 

Saturday, 3/25
- Studio class for 5 to 8 yr olds (Fairport) @ 11:00-11:45am. Sign up here
- Studio class for 8 to 12 yr olds (Fairport) @ 12:30-1:15pm. Sign up here.

Sunday, 3/26
- Tween Yoga for 8 to 12 yr olds (Fairport) @ 3:00-3:45pm. Sign up here.

See you soon in class!


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