What a storm. And weekend update.

After the crazy weather here in Rochester, NY (now dubbed The Great Wind Storm of 2017), I hope everyone is safe, warm, and power has returned. Tonight's blog is one of gratitude, as news reports say there were no serious injuries as a result of yesterday's 80mph winds. But the outpouring of support that rose from the windstorm chaos...amazing. I sure am thankful to be part of this amazing community! 

As we look forward to this weekend, I wanted to let everyone know that all classes and events are still on. I hope to see many of my little yogis (and you!) on Saturday at the Adult + Kids class event. On Sunday, the Tween Yoga class is still on from 3:00-3:45pm. Perfect opportunity to regroup from the weekend, have some fun, and prepare for the week ahead. And, for those celebrating with yoga birthday parties this weekend, I am looking forward to celebrating with everyone!

If there ever was a need to re-center and rejuvenate, it's after this storm. I hope to see you and your kiddos on the mat soon!


PS. In the spirit of keeping things as easy and simple as possible with your Butterfly Kids Yoga experience, check out the new and improved Classes Page. Redesigned and simplified to make finding your class and enrolling as direct as possible. Check out all classes here