Celebrating Kids Yoga Day 2017! (plus a giveaway contest for YOU)

This week we are celebrating Kids Yoga Day 2017!  Imagine 30,000+ kids doing yoga on the same day, at the same time, across the globe. And YOU can be part of it! 

Kids Yoga Day 2017 is on Friday, April 7 but we will be celebrating ALL week long. Butterfly Kids Yoga is an official Ambassador of this awesome celebration and I am honored to be part of this international event.

Check out all of the ways Butterfly Kids Yoga will be celebrating!

Butterfly Kids Yoga giveaway contest
We're spreading the love of kids yoga with an exciting giveaway contest! Enter for a chance to win 2 free studio class passes. Simply click here to enter

Studio classes
We will celebrate in each class! All classes this week will include the official Kids Yoga Day "5-minute routine". A great way to celebrate Kids Yoga Day and an easy routine to do at home!

Check out this week's class schedule here.

Did you know? Just 5 minutes of yoga a day can boost the mental and physical health and wellness of our children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, athletic abilities or prior knowledge. I am proud and honored to be part of kids yoga in our community -- and I can't wait to celebrate with your amazing little yogis this week too!

Butterfly Kids Yoga + Kids Yoga Day 2017...check out all details for how we'll be celebrating together by clicking here. Exciting stuff!

Cheers to the week ahead, to all of the Butterfly Kids Yoga kiddos who are part of this celebration, and to YOU for supporting kids yoga in our community!

Namaste, friends!


PS. Know a friend who would love Butterfly Kids Yoga? Tell them about our giveaway so they can enter for a chance to win, too! Simply send them to www.butterflykidsyoga.com/kidsyogaday