Get that "great yoga class" feeling + Kids Nighttime Yoga (Tuesday)

Tuesday night @ 7:00pm in Fairport -- consider it a summer refresh! Our next Adult & Kids Yoga night is coming up this week. We call it "Yoga for You. Yoga for your Kids". Adult instructors teach in Studio 1 and Butterfly Kids Yoga teaches a sweet Nighttime Yoga Class in Studio 2. Adult and Kids passes are sold separately.  Come for yourself, come for your child, or both! 

Kids Nighttime Yoga. Perfect for a good night's sleep.
Twinkle lights. Yoga mats. The music of Ed Sheerhan, Coldplay and Taylor Swift. Cozy jammies. Special snuggle buddies. This is just a sneak peek of our Tuesday night kids Nighttime Yoga classes. Geared for ages 5-12, we'll be in the studio this Tuesday night @ 7:00pm for another sweet nighttime yoga class -- such a great way to end a summer day. Click here to enroll in the kids nighttime yoga class.  

Adult Yoga. A chance for you to feel invigorated, refreshed, and renewed.
Mandy Wolfram (owner of Victor Yoga Studio) is back to teach another amazing Adult Yoga class in our summer Tuesday series. Looking for a great class? Find it with Mandy. Here are what a few happy yogis had to say about her classes: 

"Mandy is my fave -- always makes the classes accessible and FUN. I love her sense of humor, her wacky groundedness, and her awesome playlists!"

"I am completely new to yoga and I took a Vinyasa Class with Mandy, and it was GREAT! I got a great workout, an enjoyable experience and can not wait to go again."

New to yoga? This class is suitable for all levels. Love yoga? Mandy plays amazing music, gives modifications for all levels, and offers that "perfect" amount of challenge.  Her class will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and that "I just had a really good workout" feeling. Click here to enroll for the Adult Yoga class. 

So this week, enjoy a great yoga class for yourself while your kids create sweet moments in their own nighttime kids yoga class. Refreshing, healthy, good for you and good for your kids. Perfect! 

Cheers to adult + kids yoga and see you soon!
~ Ali

PS. Don't forget to check out all upcoming classes and events here. And, interested in checking out all classes in our Adult & Kids Tuesday night summer series? Adult and kids passes are sold separately, so treat yourself to yoga every Tuesday night (best value is our 5x adult multi-pass). Yoga for You. Yoga for your Kids. Click here for all dates and pass details.