Soccer, dance, baseball, lacrosse...and yoga!

Raise your hand if you have one or more of these in your house. A soccer player. A baseball player. A dancer. A gymnast. A lacrosse player. A hockey player. A basketball player. Something else or all of the above? 

OK, now -- check out this amazing statistic.

A wonderful tool that is often overlooked for young athletes is yoga. Yoga can help children of all ages stay healthy and compliments the sport of their choice. -

How cool is that? Not only is yoga a great outlet for kids and is amazing exercise, but can HELP with sports and activities that our kids are already involved in. 

  • Yoga for boosting strength, endurance and flexibility? Check. 
  • Yoga for developing self-confidence in a non-competitive environment? Check.
  • Yoga for improving flexibility to prevent injuries? Check. (It's no wonder why pro atheletes, school sports teams and coaches are all bringing yoga into their routines.)
  • Yoga for helping with breathing, focus and concentration? Check.

Yoga as the newest sport? Maybe so! But regardless, coming to a Butterfly Kids Yoga allows your kids to be a part of something that helps them in their other activities, too. 


Cheers to healthy, active, confident and strong kids! See you soon in a Butterfly Kids Yoga class, my friends!



Kids Studio Classes

Kids Studio Classes
Simply buy your pass and enroll online! Convenient "drop-in" classes for when your schedule allows. 1x, 2x or 5x passes available.

- Saturday, 10/14 @ 11:00am in Fairport (ages 5-8). Enroll here.
- Sunday, 10/15 @ 11:00am in Victor (ages 8-12). Enroll here
- Tuesday, 10/17 @ 10:00am in Fairport (ages 3-5). Enroll here.
- Tuesday, 10/17 @ 6:00pm in Fairport (ages 5-12). Enroll here.

Planning ahead? See full schedule of kids yoga classes here.

Adult Studio Classes

Adult Studio Classes
Enjoy an active and refreshing class for yourself on Tuesday night! Michelle Gipner from Yoga with Michelle will lead this week's class (suitable for all levels). Great yoga, great music, great class! Simply buy your pass and enroll online: 1x or 5x adult passes available.

- Tuesday, 10/17 @ 6:00pm in Fairport (ages 5-12). Enroll here.

Interested in checking out all adult yoga classes and instructor bios? View details here.

Halloween Yoga Club

Friday Night Kids Yoga Club
Please join us for a special Halloween-themed Yoga Club on Friday, 10/27! Active Halloween yoga, cool music, fun yoga games, healthy eats and mindful moments all included (with special Halloween surprises too!) Plus, you receive parent perks for a night out. Win-win!

- Friday, 10/27 @ 6:00-8:00pm in Fairport (ages 5-12). Enroll here.

Interested in more details or future Yoga Clubs? View schedule and details here.