Peace begins with me

Tonight's blog is dedicated to "peace". The idea of being kind, calm, mindful and thoughtful to one another. We weave this concept into each and every class class by using a few simple (but effective) ways to talk about -- and practice -- peace. Tonight I'd like to share with you just two of the ways that we practice peace in our classes.

4 bead yoga bracelets
If you've been to Butterfly Kids Yoga classes, chances are your child has made a yoga bracelet. The concept comes from the mantra "Peace Begins With Me" and each bead stands for one of those 4 words. Simply moving or touching each bead to the words "Peace Begins With Me" has a very effective calming effect on children and refocuses their energy to the idea of simply....peace. So simple and so effective.

Butterfly Kids Yoga class: child's pose

Our Talking Stick sharing circle
From preschoolers to tweens, the Talking Stick is one of everyone's favorite parts of class. "What makes you feel peaceful?" has been our topic this week. Sweet, innocent, and honest. And so simply refreshing in a world full of all kinds of other stuff. 


The good that comes from "peace" in our kids is amazing. Thank you for sharing them with me and for giving them the opportunity to practice peace both in and out of Butterfly Kids Yoga classes. 

Have a great night, my friends. And let's all hope for a more peaceful world!




New class added to our Victor Parks & Rec program!
We've been having a lot of fun in our Thursday morning yoga class @ Victor Parks & Rec! There are 2 new sessions starting up soon and we've added a NEW Wednesday class for preschoolers who are looking for a mid-week option. Hooray! 

*NEW!* Wednesdays: 10/25 - 12/6. Ages 3, 4 and 5.
6-week session (excludes 11/22). 10:00-10:45am. Enrollment is via Victor Parks & Rec: Click here for details

Thursdays: 10/26 - 12/7. Ages 3, 4 and 5.
6-week session (excludes 11/23). 10:00-10:45am. Enrollment is via Victor Parks & Rec. Click here for details.