A shout out to (yoga) friends

You know that friend that you love going to a great class with? Maybe they are a life long friend or maybe you just recently met, but now it's a regular thing -- you meet at class, get a great workout in, and leave together feeling really good. You know, right? Well, the same thing happens to kids in yoga class -- and it's so cool to see. 

  • Sometimes it's a group of friends that come to yoga together. They love putting their mats next to each other and showing off their favorite poses :)
  • Sometimes it's coming to yoga class and unexpectedly seeing a friend from school. "Hey, I didn't know you come to Butterfly Kids Yoga, too!"
  • Sometimes it's coming into class for the first time and meeting someone really nice. And all because you mastered a partner challenge together or because you had something in common during our Talking Stick sharing circle.

I call it the Yoga Connection! Having fun with friends. Making new connections. Interacting in an active, fun, comfortable environment. Finding calm in quieter moments. All the things that we, as adults, crave too...our kids are forming the same awesome connections and friendships. 


So tonight, I'm giving a shout out to great friends, both new and old! After all, where would we be without our friends?

xo (my friends!)


Kids Yoga Club

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Back by popular demand, our next Friday Night Kids Yoga Club is tomorrow night! It's a healthy, wholesome, active and fun night for your kids + a parents night out for you. Plus, receive parent perks with your purchase! View full details here.

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Make yoga a part of your weekend for your kids! They'll enjoy an active class, cool music, yoga games and mindful moments. And maybe make a new friend or two along the way! View all upcoming classes here.

And if I'll see you in class this weekend or at Friday Night Yoga Club, be sure to find the "Shmat" (shoes + mat = Shmat)! This is where our shoes and socks live during class :)