One of the biggest challenges in yoga

What is one of the most challenging parts about yoga? It's not holding a hard pose. It's not staying with a challenging stretch or sequence. It's not learning to do a handstand. 

It's comparing ourselves to those around us.

You know what I mean, right? That natural instinct to check out what everyone else is doing. To compare yourself to the person next to you. I've been there! "Am I even DOING this right?" Or, "I hope this is the right way." 

Heidi, our amazing Teen instructor, focused on this very topic in a class this week. And I loved it so much, I weaved it into other classes as well. The idea of "This time is about you. You will look different, feel different, and practice differently than the person next to you. I challenge you to not look at your neighbor. Do what is right for YOU. Because this is your time, your yoga, your accomplishments."

Empowering. Confidence boosting. Freeing. Giving kids permission to just be and to do something really great for themselves. An awesome challenge for the kids, the teens, and even us adults. Pretty amazing! Thank you, Heidi.

This week, our schedule is modified for school break but there are still lots of opportunities at Butterfly Kids Yoga. Classes for kids, teens and adults -- see you on the mat!





  • (Private event) "Yoga for You. Yoga for Your Kids" class @ 7:00pm. Details here.


  • Ages 13-18 @ 5:30pm. Teen class with option for Teen + Parent. Enroll here.




Thank you to LL Bean and to everyone who came out for kids yoga + private shopping this weekend! An awesome morning all around.

This team rocked it in their Yoga for Athletes session. Nice work everyone!