Making yoga connections

How many connections do you make each day? Little connections -- a smile from a stranger, an unexpected hug from your child, a quick text from a friend. Big connections -- reuniting with an old friend, a meaningful conversation, sharing an unforgettable moment. Our lives are full of them. And this week, I felt like connections were woven into each class, so I'm dedicating this blog to the power of making a personal connection.

Yoga Club. New friends. Big fun. Brand new connections. 
Maybe it was the club music. Maybe it was the disco light (yoga + disco light + kids...ridiculously fun). Maybe it was hanging out with awesome kids. Maybe it was the feeling of doing something new, different, healthy, and FUN on a Friday night. Maybe it was laughing and talking over dinner. Or maybe it was a combo of all of it. The kids of our first Friday Night Yoga Club shared a really fun 2 hours together and left as friends. We all connected!

Little yogis. Sweet connections.
It was Tuesday morning and 12 mats were ready and waiting for my little 3, 4, and 5 year old yogis. Some kiddos came with a friend, a sibling, or a few friends. And some came solo. We learned yoga breathing together to ease into class. We helped each other with poses. We held a friend's hand to balance. We high-fived each other when songs from Moana come on. We snuggled in at the end of class to share what makes us feel peaceful. And Moms were able to chat and catch up outside the studio during class. Best of both worlds. We all connected!

Adult & Kids yoga. Old friends. New friends. Parents & kids. All connecting.
Adults & Kids yoga. Our first Tuesday night class of the summer! So fun -- people coming out for a great adult class to round out their day. Moms and kids, doing something healthy and special together. "Mom, did you do upward dog in your class too?!" So cute. And, added bonus this week was how many paths crossed! Old friends, running into each other at class. Good friends who came together, sharing in a refreshing class. Strangers whose mats were next to each other, striking up friendly conversation, and leaving as yoga friends. And, my own connection to Tuesday's adult yoga teacher, Hayley. My sweet friend (and a very talented yoga instructor) who came home to Fairport for a short visit. So many great moments on Tuesday night. Moms and kids, old friends, acquaintances, and new friends. We all connected at yoga!

Hayley and Ali, reconnecting! 

Hayley and Ali, reconnecting! 

Kind of cool, when you stop to think about it. Just taking a yoga class with a friend, bringing your kids to their yoga class, or striking up a friendly conversation with a fellow Mom. It's all about making those personal connections!

So take this moment and maybe think about a connection you made today. You never know when and where it will come back into your life again!

Have a great night, friends!
~ Ali

PS. Don't forget to check out all of our summer classes and events coming up! Drop-in studio classes, Friday Night Yoga Club, Adult & Kids yoga nights, and Back to School Yoga Camp.

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