The Downward Dog stretch test.

Hello and happy Super Bowl Sunday!

As we are all tuning into the game, I thought it was a perfect time to share a flexibility tip that we use in many of our classes — athletes, studio classes, schools, events — and across most age groups.

The Downward Dog Stretch Test.

  1. First, we practice Downward Dog pose. Most know this one and have done it before. But then we pause — noticing how the backs of our legs feel in the beginning of class.

  2. We move on to the rest of class — making sure that we’re active, getting moving, and our bodies are warmed up to stretch.

  3. Then, everyone gets a yoga strap. HUH? What are these? A common reaction!

  4. We learn how to use yoga straps, how to hold them, and how long to hold our stretch.

  5. Then, back to Downward Dog. We pause, taking notice of how different our legs feel now. It’s a light bulb moment!

“Whoa. I can tell a difference!”

“Oh yeah! My legs feel better!”

As we continue to practice, we see better flexibility, good form, and it even helps with injury prevention.

Bonus points if you try this while watching the Super Bowl :)

Butterfly Kids Yoga_Yoga for Athletes.jpeg
Butterfly Kids Yoga_Yoga for Athletes.jpg

The pics above are from an Athletes class, but we modify and use a similar technique with yoga straps in all classes.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, friends. Cheers to a good week ahead!



PS. Don’t forget! Tween Yoga + Chocolate Class this Thursday. And Friday Night Yoga Club this Friday!

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