Back to school exhaustion? Raise your hand if this is you...

High five's to all parents, families and kids out there! We are rounding the corner on completing the first full week of back to school here in NY. And as we all know, back to school is full of excitement. Seeing old friends. Meeting new ones. New teachers. Cool new back to school stuff. All so GOOD! High five's! And then, well, there is also the other part. Back to school exhaustion...yipes! Shivers and chills just saying those words. Raise your hand if any of these apply to you.

1. Your child is school aged but has oddly reverted back to their toddler bed time. (My hand is raised.)

2. Your child is a pre-teen and could easily eat the entire contents of your fridge and then fall asleep. (I read about this happening - whoa!)

3. Your child is a preschooler and runs around after their morning of school, full of cute smiles. Only to be quickly followed by breaking into crazy tears for no known reason. Could be anywhere. Anytime. And totally random.

The dreaded back to school exhaustion! They're not sick, not trying to be difficult, not trying to run up the grocery bill -- they're learning and adjusting. And while there is no magical solution, I hope some of the tips and tricks we practice in class can help you! Here are a few to keep in your back pocket for, you know, those moments.

  • Find an outlet for exercise. After 8 hours in the classroom, many kids need to release all of that energy. As they say, getting up and moving will give them more energy in the long run. So make that family downward dog tunnel and have everyone crawl through. Find an after school activity to release energy. Play yoga freeze-tag. Or simply shake those sillies out!
  • Breathe. Remember the yoga breathing that I use to start class? Totally helpful in calming children down when they're upset. Or the shoulder-roll-breathing? A really relaxing way to release stress. Make it a regular part of their routine and they'll automatically use it whenever needed! 
  • Give space. Even kids have those days where they are just completely drained. I once read about the power of a quick hug (or snuggle) and then giving space. Maybe it's pulling out that yoga journal, listening to music, reading, or just simply playing. Just giving time to recoup and regroup.

A lot of what we do in class may surface when you least expect it! And hopefully will help in those tough moments. Or if all else fails, just break into a ridiculous Lion's Pose and your child will be so stunned, they'll forget all about being tired :)

High five's to everyone tonight, my friends!

PS. Looking for upcoming classes? Butterfly Kids Yoga fall classes are geared for all ages -- and are a great outlet for all of that energy and simply having fun. Check out what's coming up!


Kids Studio Classes

Come as your schedule allows! Ages 3-5, 5-8, and 8-12. This weekend: Saturday, 9/16 @ 11am (Ages 5-8, Fairport). Enroll here. And Sunday, 9/17 @ 11am (Ages 8-12, Victor). Enroll here.

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Adult Studio Classes

Yoga for you! Tuesdays @ 6:00pm (Fairport). A perfect way to feel great and round out your day. Next adult class: Tuesday, 9/19 @ 6pm with Mandy Wolfram. Enroll here

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* Added bonus? Kids (ages 5-12) can enjoy their own kids yoga class at the same time in the studio right next door! Next kids class: Tuesday, 9/19 @ 6pm. Enroll here.

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Town Rec Center Sessions

Butterfly Kids Yoga now offers classes at the Perinton Rec Center and the Victor Rec Center! Ages 3-5. Enroll in a multi-week session (we meet once a week for 6 weeks, for example). Enroll in Perinton Rec Center classes here. Closer to Victor? Enroll in Victor Rec Center classes here.


Friday Night Yoga Club

Yoga Club Night for your kids. Parents night out for you. Awesome and fun yoga. Cool music. Delicious and healthy dinner (allergy friendly). Plus, you receive coupons from our partners with purchase. Parents night out, perhaps? Next Yoga Club Night is September 29! Enroll here

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Girls Yoga + Private Shopping Sale

Special event alert! Join Butterfly Kids Yoga at Athleta in Eastview Mall on Saturday, 9/16 @ 9:00am for Girls Yoga (ages 5+) and shopping! Enjoy yoga, healthy eats and 25% off your entire purchase during this private event. Space is limited, so please call Athleta to reserve your spot: 585-223-6045.