Building connections and so much more.

I didn't grow up in Rochester but even though I'm not born and raised, I absolutely the sense of community here. Going to Wegmans? For SURE you'll see someone you know. Heading to a park? You'll probably bump into a friend. Walking on the canal? Yup, give a wave to several familiar faces. It's kind of this unique "big-little" city with a whole lot of connections. 

And then there are the connections that our kids make. Good friends are made through whatever activity they are in. But when they have a chance to go to a class that brings kids together from all different schools, with all different interests, they can broaden their own connections. I love this about yoga. It's not only a healthy, lifelong activity -- but it gives kids a chance to relate and connect with friends they may have never crossed paths with otherwise.

I loved this image from Action for Happiness, especially for kids, so I thought I'd share. Relating and connecting. Good for the mind, body and soul as they say.


I hope to share a connection with you soon, my friends! 




Kids studio classes

Tuesday, 6PM and Saturday, 11AM

Adult studio classes

Active vinyasa flow with Michelle Gipner, Tuesday, 8/21 @ 6PM


Fall Rec Center sessions

Calling all preschoolers! Enrollment now open in Webster, Perinton, Victor & Spencerport.

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Yoga for Athletes

Sundays @ 4PM (youth) and 5PM (teen and adult).